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Monday, 7 May 2018

20 New Things We Learned In Westworld Season 2, Episode 3, "Virtù e Fortuna."

Westworld Season 2 spoilers ahead!

We've spent most of Westworld Season 2 so far catching up with existing characters, seeing new scenes from the past, and following plots from Season 1 like Dolores's revolution and William's journey through Ford's games. But Westworld Season 2, Episode 3, "Virtù e Fortuna," finally showed us some things that are truly new.

It wasn't Shogun World, like we've been waiting to see since Westworld Season 1. But it was a new park: India World, or Empire World, or whatever it winds up being called, which appears to be set during the British Empire occupation of India, the time of big beige hats, Bengal tiger hunts, and elephant gun safaris. And the characters there, whoever they may be, had just as bad a time as those in Westworld when Ford kicked off his final game.

That cold open also demonstrated where that tiger seen in the Season 2 premiere came from, and by the end we learned that the mysterious woman--a guest who clearly knows her way around the place--survived to claw her way out of the water. No doubt she'll pop up again, also judging by the way she conspicuously kept fretting over her notebook. The camera lingered on it enough times in this episode's opening that you have to wonder what it contains.

But that wasn't all. Keep reading to find out all the new things we learned about what's going on in Westworld this week, and when you're done, don't forget to read our full Westworld Season 2, Episode 3 review as well.

1. There's an "India World."

Or whatever it winds up being called. So that's where our tiger friend from the first episode came from.

2. There's a security system, and it's malfunctioning.

We knew this in theory, but we hadn't seen it in action before. It looks like some sort of laser security system is supposed to keep things like this from happening, and it's definitely not working.

3. There's something called "The Cradle."

And someone took it out.

4. Charlotte survived to the present.

What happened in the nearly two weeks between the start of the slaughter and now?

5. The Milky Bandit is a good guy now.

Thank you so much for this scene, Bernard.

6. Abernathy is not doing so hot.

Smooth moves, ex-lax.

7. Dolores is going by Wyatt now.

Or maybe she's switching back and forth? Either way, her Wyatt side seems to be taking control more and more.

8. Clementine is like a crazy zombie person now?

She's not looking so hot either. Wonder if she's going to get a line this season?

9. Westworld's big fort is called "Fort Forlorn Hope."

Wonder why.

10. Sizemore's outfit is still ridiculous.

Nice one, Maeve.

11. The Ghost Nation is still out for blood.

These guys were up to no good in Westworld Season 1, and it seems they're still out for blood in Season 2. With the Ghost Nation warriors popping up a couple of times this episode, maybe we're finally about to find out how Stubbs survived their attack.

12. Maeve can't control every host.

Maeve exerted an iron will over hosts in the first episode, but she failed to influence the Ghost Nation warriors. It's not yet clear why that might be.

13. Dolores is still clinging to parts of her old life.

Like Maeve and her quest for her daughter, Dolores is finding it difficult to let go of her old, fake life. Or maybe she doesn't want to, even though she knows it wasn't real. Maybe if she does, Wyatt will take over completely.

14. The hosts are choosing what to believe.

That means Maeve gets to choose to believe in her daughter, Dolores gets to choose to believe in Teddy and her father, and Hector gets to choose not to believe in his Isabella backstory.

15. Armistice is alive.

And she has a dragon. And a cool robot arm.

16. Felix and Sylvester are alive too.


17. Abernathy has a big file in him.

Abernathy has been malfunctioning because of a "jury-rigged" personality given to him to mask a large file with an "immensely complex encryption key." It seems Bernard might have snagged it, though, before Charlotte made off with the host during the battle.

18. There's a doohickey they can use to tell if someone's human.

Hope they don't use it on Bernard.

19. Teddy is capable of disobeying Dolores.

She's not going to like that one bit.

20. There's a "Klondike narrative."

Likely referring to the Klondike Gold Rush that took place in the Klondike region of the Yukon in north-western Canada between 1896 and 1899. Not that it's likely to come up again, with all signs pointing to this final scene taking place on the border between Westworld and Shogun World.

from GameSpot

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