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Thursday, 7 June 2018

13 Things We Want In John Wick 3

John Wick Chapter 3 is coming for you.

John Wick has become one of the preeminent action series of this generation. Keanu Reeves can't be stopped, and stunt guy-turned-director Chad Stahelski is right there with him, helming 2014's John Wick and last year's John Wick Chapter 2 to acclaim from critics and fans alike. With John Wick 3's release date approaching next year--and news trickling out with production well underway--Wick has been on our minds lately.

The second entry in the John Wick trilogy saw the Boogeyman becoming hopelessly entangled with the surprisingly well-organized criminal underworld he'd once hoped to leave behind. With the stakes higher than ever for John and his canine pal, John Wick 3 is going to have to hit a high bar to please fans.

So what do we want from the third John Wick movie's action, story, and world? Let us give you an idea, then tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Don't kill that f***ing dog.

The first John Wick began with Theon from Game of Thrones killing John Wick's dog. It concluded with Wick getting a new dog, after killing the s*** out of Theon and his daddy. That second dog stayed safe through John Wick 2, even after Wick's house got blown up. If the dog dies in John Wick 3, we're done.

2. Bring it back to reality.

John Wick 2 greatly expanded on the movies' criminal underworld, showing that it spans the globe and has tendrils that reach far and wide, into every level of society. By the end, it seemed that every single damn person in New York was somehow an assassin, which was awesome--but also insanely over the top. It would be great if John Wick 3 could bring the series back to reality a bit.

3. Link it to the TV show.

In case you didn't know, there's a John Wick TV show in the works over at Starz. Keanu Reeves is set to executive produce, and word is he'll even appear on the show at some point (it seems it will actually be centered on the Continental hotels rather than Wick himself).

If they want the show to be successful, they'd be wise to introduce a new character in John Wick Chapter 3 who can then carry over to the small screen. They could even introduce the show's protagonist in the upcoming movie. However they do it, the TV show and movie should be linked.

4. More Charon, please.

Lance Reddick's character Charon, the Continental's desk clerk, has become a fan favorite character, not to mention an excellent dog sitter. We'd like a lot more of him in John Wick 3.

5. Don't belabor the mythology comparisons.

This is tied to keeping the series grounded in reality, but it bears mentioning separately: We get that John Wick's mythos has always been tied to classical mythology, but we don't want these movies to get too far up their own ass about it.

Take the previously mentioned fan favorite character Charon. Yes, he's named after the figure in Greek mythology who ferries souls of the recently deceased across the River Styx. But we swear, if he actually shows up in a rowboat and literally ferries John Wick across a river at any point, we've had it.

6. Expand the world of assassins even more.

We saw a lot more of John Wick's criminal underworld in Chapter 2, but there's still plenty of room to expand on it in logical ways while keeping John Wick 3 grounded in reality.

For example, there are probably even more uses for the underworld's currency than we've seen so far. How about some secretive armament vending machines that only take those distinctive gold coins? If you don't have enough for a gun, you can just settle for stale Doritos instead.

7. Let John Wick stick to his values.

John Wick has a strict moral code, but it started to slip as the world devolved into chaos around him in John Wick Chapter 2. He was fighting for his life against Common's character Cassian, but still, it was shocking to see Wick firing blindly into a fountain in a crowded plaza and taking potshots at his foe in a subway station full of innocent bystanders. Hopefully John Wick can get back to living his values in number 3.

8. Give John more formidable adversaries.

John Wick is really, really good at mowing down entire gangs of goons with headshot after headshot. What's better, though: Seeing him effortlessly churn through cannon fodder baddies, or go toe to toe with adversaries who can actually hold a candle to his skills? The fights with Common in John Wick 2 may have crossed a line in terms of Wick's morals, but they were some of the best in the series so far. Hopefully there are more like him out there gunning for Wick next time around.

9. Just bring back Common.

On that note, just bring back Common's character, Cassian, for another round. John left that knife lodged in his opponent's heart, so technically he could live. Maybe. Hey, it's a movie--anything could happen.

10. Bring back Lawrence Fishburne too.

Fishburne's Bowery King was one of the weirdest and most unique additions to the world of John Wick in Chapter 2. He rules an army of fake hobos, which stretched plausibility a bit, but it was a heck of a lot of fun.

Now that the contract on Wick's life has gone wide, here's hoping the Bowery King returns--either to collect on that bounty, or for an epic team-up on Wick's side. The dude can't fight every battle alone, can he?

11. More dogs, please.

What's better than one dog? Two dogs-- and so on. That's all we have to say about that.

12. A bad guy-killing dog instead of the other way around?

We know this kind of already happened, but it could be so much more than a joke.

13. A happy ending.

We know this is basically impossible, given the way the last movie ended. But it would be nice for John to get an actual happy ending that isn't about to be interrupted by some criminal douche nozzle showing up to yet again wrench John violently from his desired retirement.

Or, you know, at least just let him live.

What do you want in John Wick Chapter 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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